Are you a giver too?

Well I for sure am.

You see I’ve always been the person who gives and gives and gives.

Be it in a romantic relationship or in a friendship.

I still remember as a kid I had a friend and I used to fight with teachers if they scolded her. Then I had a friend who I would talk daily with whenever she needed me. And many many more such examples.

But eventually, people left.

And they leave a void in you every single time.

Friends we would die for, now strangers.

Being a giver is hard on so many levels.

You always wear your heart on your sleeves.

You pretty much always have to decide between your own self and someone else and majority of the time, someone else wins it.

It gets heavy too.

After a point of time in your life you question yourself. You drown in self doubt.

But to be honest, I don’t want to stop.

Truth is this quality is so so rare in today’s world.

You might be a stranger to me but if I found you in need or crying, I’ll be there to give you a shoulder to cry on.

And if I make someone’s day a bit better, I consider it a good day.

I might be hurting on the inside but I’ll probably be there for you.

I might not have the correct solutions for your problems but I’ll be there in silence to give you company and make you feel less lonely.

Sometimes silence works more than some words of wisdom.

So probably I won’t stop being a giver anytime soon.


I found this quote on Instagram which was posted by Thegoodquote.

Somewhere inside, I want to really live by this quote.

I want me to be strong enough to walk away from drama and negativity and have peace of mind.

A lot of times I struggle with the walking away part. It’s just an impossible thing for me.

And yet I want to work on it.

Because in life, there nothing more important than your peace of mind.

Everything that happens around you is not your responsibility.

We have to eventually learn to walk away from things or situations we cannot control. We have to learn to let go in order to protect ourselves.

We have to be matured enough to a point where nothing can harm our calmness, our peace, our space.

And this quote reminds me to learn to be strong enough and remain calm in chaos.

▪ What is that one quote that reminds you the same?

I noticed how the pandemic is affecting us.

It certainly is a ‘harsh mirror in the face’ situation for all of mankind.

Apart from locking us inside our “safe” homes, it kind of did a variety of things to us.

A very common thing that I noticed in my life was that we have certainly grown so apart from each other.

Well, our parents generation got closer to each other and somewhere we all went silent.

I mean, I really don’t know how my friends are doing right now.

We pretty much lack the enthusiasm to check up on each other, how they are doing and stuff like that.

Some of us came out to help each other and some kind of went into hibernation.

Home Quarantine, Isolation after you test positive is the most stressful thing ever (at least it was for me)

Covid not only affected us emotionally, physically but also, financially.

Lockdown really made it difficult for people to actually earn and make a living.

World is so shifting online.

I remember as a kid I used to watch these movies or something that showed how the world will shift to online classes and virtual world and it is pretty much happening right now.

People are getting on to YouTube and blogging and online stuff like crazy ( Me included).

Oh and don’t let me get started with the things happening in the life of front line workers.

The worst thing is…. Politics is still in the air with the virus.

I mean did you saw the kumbh mela thing?

It’s a shame.

You saw the black marketing of medicines and oxygen!?

Dude I see the days coming when we all might have to carry our own oxygen cylinders on our backs.

Well, I am overwhelmed with the situation and the right thing for me is to make sure I stay sane. ( which I basically have no idea how am I still sane!!)

The list is endless and it’s different for every other human being.

But I really am praying so hard, that everything gets back to normal.

I miss how things were before the pandemic hit us.

My skincare routine

My skincare routine is pretty simple as I’ve stepped into the world of skincare very recently.

I started with just a facewash a couple years back and used to have cleanups every 3-4 months.

But as the lockdown started back in 2020 I realised that skincare is a form and self care and everyone should do it.

Here’s the link to my skincare routine video.

I hope it helps someone somewhere.

P.s. This could actually be very helpful for beginners.


Home is never four walls and one door and some rooms.

It’s never been about a building.

It was always a person.

Home is waking up each and every day next to the love of your life.

It’ll never matter if you live in a single room house, a rented one or a big pent house; what will matter always is the love between two souls who make a house, home.

Home is where peace is, where respect resides, where love is in the air.

Sometimes it’s dancing while you brush together or singing in the shower and be careless and let your problems vanish.

Home is basically where you exchange laughs and tears and fun and messiness.

Home is the person you love the most. And his arms where you feel the safest in the world.


Life right now is seems so unpredictable and uncertain.

The person who seemed just alright a few days ago could be a victim of the pandemic.

So many people are loosing their loved ones and so many things right now are exhausting us.

Mentally, physically, emotionally.

But we have to somewhere find the strength, the will to go on.

To hold onto HOPE.

Because one day all of this will be over and the ones who lived through these grave times will get a chance to look at the world differently.

Maybe we could make the world a better place.

India definitely saw that no politicians helped them.

People helped themselves.

There are” Netizens ” Helping each other.

Finding leads to hospital beds and medicines and what not.

So maybe we will help each other build us stronger.

So know that,

“After the darkest hour, sun does rise. “

Innovations in dentistry

Dentistry is an ever evolving industry.

Right from treating dental anomalies to toothache which was considered as curse from God it have become the most advanced and progressive health branches today.

Dentistry is now shifting to the most painless and stress free treatment options with the introduction of lasers and artificial intelligence.

Nanotechnology is emerging to set it’s pace in dental applications.

It’s being said that to induce oral anaesthesia, professionals will install a colloidal suspension containing millions of active analgesic micrometer – sized dental nanorobots particle on the patients gingiva.

Nanorobots can complete the journey into the pulp in 100 seconds. Once installed in the pulp and having established control over nerve impulse traffic, the analgesic dental nanorobots may be commanded by the dentist to shut down all sensitivity in any tooth that requires treatment. This will offer greater patient comfort, reduced anxiety, no-needle, fast and completely reversible action, and avoidance of most of side – effects and complications.

It have applications extended to Dentin Hypersensitivity, orthodontic treatment as they could directly manipur the periodontal tissues, allowing rapid and painless tooth straightening, rotating, and vertical repositioning within minutes to hours.

It will used in periodontal diseases, composites, impression materials, bone grafts, drug delivery systems, implants and so on.

Though nanotechnology is in its infancy, nanotechnology is bound to change dentistry more profoundly.

Lasers, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) digital scanning have drastically changed the face of dentistry.

Another dental innovation that has been gaining popularity across the healthcare industry is the idea of holistic healthcare.

Patients are beginning to become more sensitive when it comes to healthcare and continue to express their desire to avoid unnatural treatments, chemicals etc. And instead are requesting natural alternatives for treatment.

Cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening, crown lengthening and veneers have gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

In Pediatric dentistry, new diagnostic tools that rely on transillumination to identify decay are most amazing dental innovations. Use of virtual reality and augmented reality based techniques in behavior management have created greater effects. Painless laser therapies provide faster and better results.

Even the introduction of CAD-CAM i,e.Comuter-Aided-Design and Computer-Aided-Manufacturing have changed the face of prosthodontics.

Patients comfort, ease, satisfaction keeps the industry continuously evolving and their needs keep us innovating more better and better tools and technologies.

A random good day

What does a good day mean to you?

Maybe sometimes it’s just completing your to-do list.

Maybe it’s just getting things done no matter how small.

But the satisfaction is just beyond words.

You feel better about yourself.

Sometimes a good doesn’t mean to go out and party and listen to loud music or long drives.

It may just as good as uploading your YouTube video that you procrastinated for a long time and posting your expected Instagram post and working out after a long gap.

Little things like these add up on your happy hormone.

Because when you do little things that matter to you, it definitely gives you big satisfaction.

Because keeping yourself happy is the task!

Keeping your mind healthy is the task!

Wake up everyday with hopes and positive vibes and make sure when you hit the pillow at night, you are satisfied!

Inner child

Oh I remember how much I used to love the unseasonal rains. I would write poems and breathe in the fresh moist air.

I still love the rains no doubts but as we grow up maybe we don’t let our inner child out.

It doesn’t write poems anymore.

We don’t stop to inhale deeply and let that child enjoy.

Have we really lost our inner child?

In the race to be good, to earn good, for all the luxurious life?

When was the last time you did something you loved?

The last time you actually laughed out of happiness and starring at the screen of your smart phone?


And then, sit with yourself.

Do something that you used to do when you were a kid.

Feel that happiness. Because while we grow up the world surely did made us bitter.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Meet that inner child.

Be happy.